Thank you in advance for applying to Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN).



CTAN is one of the largest and most active angel investing groups in the nation with 110+ members, and more than $120 million invested in +190 companies. We run at least five formal Funding Cycles per year. There are a few things we’d like you to consider prior to completing your application.



CTAN specifically evaluates companies based on the Investment Criteria posted on our website. Please review our criteria HERE prior to submitting your application.



CTAN charges an application fee of $100, due prior to submitting your application. This fee grants each company the opportunity to come through two CTAN cycles of their choosing. That means, if you apply once and don’t get as far in our process as you were hoping to, you can apply again one more time without paying the application fee again. (You can reapply at any time in the future, but we highly recommend that you wait at least a cycle or two before reapplying, as members will want to see signs of new traction.) 


If CTAN members invest $100,000 or more in your company, CTAN collects an administrative fee of $5,000 upon closing. If CTAN members invest $300,000 or more in your company, CTAN collects an administrative fee of $7,500 upon closing.



Each Funding Cycle is six weeks long, though due diligence and closing could take longer. Please take a moment to review the structure below prior to submitting your application:


Before applying to CTAN, please check the Funding Cycle calendar for the most accurate cycle information. Pitches cannot be rescheduled, so we encourage you to be sure you’re available for all events.


Screening: Upon submission, your application will be evaluated based on our aforementioned Investment Criteria. If your application does not meet our criteria, you will be notified and your application will not be presented to our members during the funding cycle. Please note that application review typically begins two weeks prior to an application deadline (see full dates HERE).


Incomplete applications will not be considered. Your application is considered complete with the following:

- All fields in the application are fully and thoughtfully answered

- All questions in the Screening Checklist are fully and thoughtfully answered

- Your two-minute Introduction Video is uploaded, per the specific video instruction


WEEK 1: Companies that apply will be presented to CTAN’s full membership during Round 1 of Member Voting. The top 8 companies that receive the most member interest during Round 1 of Member Voting will be invited to participate in a Virtual Initial Screening Pitch Event during Week 2.


WEEK 2: The Initial Screening Pitch Event will be held on Tuesday evening. After the top 8 companies participate in our condensed pitch style event, we will launch Round 2 of Member Voting. At that point, we will narrow down to 4-6 companies for our Pitch Night. Those selected companies must submit a completed Due Diligence Checklist, which is reviewed by CTAN’s Investment Committee. If our Investment Committee does not identify any red flags pertaining to the deal, companies are invited to advance to Week 3. The Due Diligence Checklist is due Thursday at noon CT. There will be no extensions, so we highly recommend you begin working on this checklist upon application.


WEEK 3: Selected companies are invited to present at Pitch Night, where they pitch in-person or virtually to CTAN member investors. After Pitch Night, members vote on the deals they’d like to advance to Due Diligence.


WEEKS 4-6: If members continue to express interest in your deal after Pitch Night, you will be invited to participate in a Due Diligence meeting with members who are following the deal. This meeting will be held exactly one week after Pitch Night. Directly after that meeting, a few members will need to volunteer to act as Deal Team to continue driving the Due Diligence process. During Due Diligence, CTAN Staff, and your Deal Team will work with you to better understand your business model and value proposition. This includes customer reference calls, competitive analysis, market sizing, team reference calls, and the like. Throughout that process, your Deal Team will work with you to arrive at a Term Sheet and soft circle interest from CTAN members.


NOTE: CTAN members are prohibited from soft-circling directly to an entrepreneur. They may only soft-circle investment interest to the CTAN Deal Team, not directly to the company, due to the group nature of our process.


While we reserve a minimum of three weeks to complete Due Diligence and negotiate a Term Sheet, the process can take longer. Some factors that may influence this timeline include your ability to produce requested materials and references, CTAN members’ bandwidth to drive the deal toward closing, and unforeseen issues pertaining to your team, your Cap Table, or large macro-economic changes. If you already have a Lead Investor and/or signed Term Sheet, that may be able to expedite our Due Diligence process.




This application will require you to provide written responses to a number of questions; you will also be required to submit:

- A completed Screening Checklist, which can be found HERE

- A two-minute Introduction Video, the requirements for which can be found HERE

- You will also be required to acknowledge that you have reviewed the CTAN Member and Portfolio CEO presentations on our website, HERE, and reviewed our FAQ, HERE.

IMPORTANT: Your application will not be considered complete until all of these items are completed.



If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ page; if you still have questions, please email



Thank you, and best of luck!



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